Get to Know Us

Tea over Tales was created after my first year of nursing school when my eyes were opened to the realities our vulnerable populations face in the 21st century. I wanted to provide a  collectible line of dolls for children to love and cherish, but have built a foundation around youth empowerment. Helping them to share their ideas and giving them a platform to bring about change is Tea Over Tales greatest mission. As we grow,  I look forward to bridging the gap between generations and embracing the magic as we restore memories and human connection.

In Loving Memory of
Grandma Doris

The woman who instilled a little piece of magic in my childhood.


My hands brush slowly across the crimson velvet love seat, recently reupholstered, vibrant and soft. Left to right, the pressure of my little palms create a two tone wave of colour. For a moment I’m mesmerized by it. I feel the sun beam on my cheek from the stained window up above. The smell of ginger snap cookies fill the room as I wait patiently for her return. I hear her tinker in the basement looking for my special gift. I’ve been sitting, patiently waiting for minutes but I'm not bored. In every corner of the room sits a beautiful porcelain doll, stuffed bears, painted canvas’ and glass ornaments. With every blink a new treasure catches my eye. Maybe she will let me play with them. I hear her delicate, slippered footsteps coming up the stairs and I feel the corners of my mouth begin to climb. She found it. We kneel on the floor and unwrap it together, for a moment I look up at her and think she is more excited than me. Her big blue eyes sparkle behind friendly wrinkles, squeezed together by an eternal smile. She's proud of her creation, she's leaving her legacy, and passing it on to the people she loves.

Oh how she loved.