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Christmas Market Mayhem Survive Guide

With the Christmas Season peaking around the corner and all the up and coming markets taking place, I thought it would be a good opportunity to share some tips and tricks to making your product stand out and look fabulous for cliental! I've been working furiously behind the scenes this week to present an amazing table at the Quality Inn and Conference Centre on November 16th! Not only that, but doing it on a budget! I didn't invest in fancy posters, or high tech lighting and I definitely didn't hire a "Shamwow" sales guy to do all my talking for me. These markets are intimate and sell unique, hand made products that tell a story. Keep that in mind when your interacting with your customers and getting to know the other vendors! Here are some of my favourite market tips and tricks to help build a rapport with your clients so they will become life long supporters of your business.

1. Level up your display!

When choosing the layout of your table think about how to create elevation to your table with a few wooden crates or tiny product tables to add dimension! This will lift you viewers eyes from staring down at a flat table and give an artistic vibe to your display.

2. Clutter is the enemy of clarity.

Keep your display simple and neat. This can be challenging when you want to show off everything you sell. However, it can be overwhelming to your viewers and clutter not only the look of your business but their minds in what might make the perfect gift!

3. Authentic Attitude.

Now a days its so convenient to shop online. If you have customers making there way to you to shop for this seasons gifts it has to be a special experience. It doesn't have to be a huge gesture, but leave an impact as to why its worth paying you a visit.

4. Sell your product with a side of you!

Everyone loves a good story. You could have one of the best products at the market but the impression you leave about your business has a lot to do with how you share your story and what your products mean to you! So leave your cell phones in the back and really engage with the fine folks that came to learn about your company.

5. Activities for all

I've been to few trade shows in my day and often notice every single booth has a draw prize. This is great to but after writing out your name and number so many times and not really having a chance to look at what you have to offer it can be counterproductive. Provide an activity that gets people talking and wanting to engage with what your selling.

6. Get to know your audience.

I don't know about you but if I have someone wanting to buy my product I want to know everything about this person. It is valuable information to narrow in on who my target market is and guides me in who is loving what I have to offer.

7. Have Fun!

Selling can be stressful and a little bit of a balancing act. You don't want to come across as pushy but you need to be available to answer questions. Remember the worth of you and your product and how you are impacting your customers lives. Focus on the benefit to your clients by providing excellent customer service and always remember to have fun!

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