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The Original Sandwich Grabbing Gangsters

Hey guys this is my first ever blog post!!! How exciting right! I will do my best to post once a week, most likely on the weekends. I will incorporate the story's that have been submitted to Tea Over Tales, how the dolls are changing peoples lives around the world, and everything new and exciting going on with our growing community! First and foremost, I would like to thank my amazing family and friends that stuck by my side during the creation of Tea Over Tales, as well as all the supporters who don't know me personally but have had faith in me to make this dream a reality!! I love and cherish you all! Please enjoy this story written by a #ymm local who grew up in Fort Mcmurray, Alberta. She was inspired by our dolls to write a little memory that made a huge impact in how her life unfolded! Thank you so much for sharing!!!

There once was a very big family that grew up so close that the cousins were more like brothers and sisters. They all lived in a magical place called Waterways where the neighbours were all related and going to to corner store for penny candy was a daily adventure. There was a park a hop, skip and a jump away where the most magical slide went 100 kms a hour and only the bravest of the brave would dare go down. All the back yards were connected and playing everyday with each other was the best part of the day. Dinners were shared and there was not a family event that was small, we were a tribe, a pack, the Waterways original sandwich grabbing gangsters really. On Christmas Santa showed up at the house with a remarkable Santa-ish voice and we all surprisingly ended up on the nice list. We made forts galore and everyone got to play. Looking back these memories were all so special, each and every one. The little ones looked up to the big ones and us cousins always stuck together.

The tale of a Waterways family- one that stayed together no mater what.

Written by: Jen, Fort Mcmurray AB

Picture below is of two cousins that share the most special bond! Their love for one another makes my heart explode!!!

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