• Katie Mcinnes

Henry's Story

I went to visit a resident at the Northern Regional Health Centre the other day. We sat and discussed what kind of story we should write and this is what Henry wanted to share with you all. He described a memory of the "good ol' days" walking in the woods, which he did often in his youth. Henry's name has been changed for privacy, but he story is authentically his. Henry had a smile on his face and a joyful tear running down his face while telling me of this magical day.

Once upon a windy fall day..

Henry went out watch the animals in the woods. The first animal he encountered was a lonely black bear. The bear looked up at Henry from the road and carried on his way, somewhat unconcerned. Henry continued down the path and came across some chickadee birds and ptarmigan's (Henry taught me how to spell "ptarmigan's" that day). They were loud and noisy, getting ready for the winter coming soon. They were frightened by Henry and flew high into the trees, knocking tiny rain drops off the leaves onto Henry's face. The last animal Henry saw was a red fox. The fox was looking around searching for food to provide for the cubs back at the den. Henry made his way back home happy to have seen all the animals deep within the woods. It was a nice fall day. (Henry repeated "It was a nice fall day" three times and then looked up at me and said "you should write that down" with a smile.

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